11 Drone Blogs You Absolutely HAVE TO Read!

When your getting started with any new hobby, there’re things you need to learn about. But with so much information out there, how do you know who to trust?

Luckily for you, I learned the hard way, by spending months finding the most reputable drone pilot blogs on the internet.

Trust me; it was no easy task!

But here are 11 drone blogs you can trust:

The site is based in New York, and it’s a great place to catch up on the latest drone pilot news. Drone Blog covers a wide range of topics, including industry news, drone product reviews, and much more.

It honestly offers a whirlwind of up to date news. And it’s no surprise with the vast team of writers at their disposal.

Drone Blog Homepage

It almost feels like a news magazine on a website format, that covers anything about global drone news. They have a mission to “Make the world a better place one drone at a time.

The site was created by the CEO of 3D electronics, Chris Anderson. The whole idea behind the website was to make a forum based blog for people that needed help building custom drones.

Since it started, the site has gained a massive following, with 377.7 thousand people visiting the site each month.

The group likes to discuss how to break down unmanned drone systems, and use it to their advantage. The whole team, including Chris, helps to answer any questions users might have about drone builds and insights into newer drone technology.

The drone blog is produced and maintained by a group of professionals, and in the last five years, has grown to one of the highest-ranked drone news and information blogs.

They aim to provide readers with new original content, which is why Drone Life is an excellent resource to stay up to date with drone technology.

Drone Life

The blog supplies you with the latest information surrounding the commercial drone industry. It a great place to watch the FAA plan get there hands on Airspace regulations, and you control the air. Topics include business, drone products, regulations, and more.

Drone Deploy was founded with a mission to “making drone data accessible to anyone, anywhere” by transforming the way we collect and manage the data.

The main aim is to unify the commercial drone industry under one roof, which provides the tools to integrate essential data and connect developers.

Drone Deploy

They cover topics surrounding agriculture, construction, drone surveying/mining, roofing/insurance, and much more. If you want to see how commercial drones can help shape the world, this is an excellent blog to get stuck into.

The site was founded in 2012 by Zsolt Vazary, a writer and drone pilot from Budapest. He later sold the site to pursue a career in Hollywood as a drone cinematographer, but the core mission has always stayed the same.

The DRONETHUSIAST core mission is to “To be the premier site for business news, drone reviews, and buyers guides.”


The team has always been dedicated to finding the best information and using there years of experience to guide you. Before writing the content, they ask themselves two questions.

Is this something that’s going to change the world? And, Is this something that enriches our readers’ knowledge of drones? If the answer is no, they leave the idea.

Sally French, is a confessed “Geek Girl” from south Califonia; she also runs the site The Drone Girl. The blog was created to explore the possibilities drones can have in our day to day life. From early on, she knew drones had so much more to offer than a hobby.

The aim is to have a blog that can bed used as an outlet for other drone enthusiasts to share stories, videos & aerial photography. The topics include getting started, buying guides, and other drone relevant news.

The FPV Blog was started way back in 2013, by Crashpilot. It was designed to be a place for quadcopter enthusiasts to share aerial photography & filming, RC tech.

Years later, Crashpilot and a handful of writers provide readers with their own genuine stories, news, and guides.

FPV Blog

They split the blog into five categories Aerial Photography & Videos, FPV Racing, Quadcopter, Random Stuff, and Tech. While covering interesting topics from beginners courses to drone updates and drone racing competitions.

UAV Expert News aims to be the leading source for any drone related news and developments.

The team of professional drone pilots ensures they stay up to date with current events, issues, and new drone releases. They even won an award in 2017 for the best drone blog.

UAV Expert News

The business focuses on topics surrounding big industry news, new product reviews, tips, and drone technology. It’s a great place to get yourself up to date on the latest drone products.

The site was established in 2013 by Oscar Liang as a drone enthusiast; now, the blog has well over 800 published articles. He wanted the blog to be dedicated to anything and everything related to RC quadcopters to FPV drones and racing.

Oscar Liang

The blogs topics range from drone build logs, tutorials, DIY hacks, Multicopter builds, and drone reviews. With over 600 thousand views a month, it’s well up there with the top drone blogs.

Alan Perlman founded UVA Coach in 2014, after crashing his first-ever drone; he wanted others to learn from his mistake.

Since then, the site and team have grown massively, and their mission is “To help you be a safe and smart pilot.” to do this, they educate drone users and build a like-minded community.

UAV Coach

And it’s not just a website anymore, in 2016 they launched their first drone school, they now have them in over 20+ cities nationwide. They pride themselves on helping you fly more effectively and do this with the wide range of topics they cover.

The DronesGlobe started back in 2015 by two drone pilots; they remembered the feeling of flying their first drone and feel in love.

They later added three more drone pilots into the team top help them cover a wide range of topics, and to educate fellow drone pilots on their mistakes.

Drone Globe

They cover the topics, including drone flying regulations, new drone buying guides, latest news, and daily business in the drone world.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to become a new drone pilot, then these are the blogs to get your teeth stuck into. Buying a drone can be great fun (see our guide to buying the best FPV racing drone), but remember they’re specific regulations to follow.

But with this wealth of knowledge around you, you’ll soon be in the race business.

What are your favorite drone blogs and why?

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